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    your cock: an immigration strategy

    if you look at the history of man, in how it probably really happened (vs. some history books), most of it has been written in the two essential fluids of...

    2014-08-17 10.31.58

    size is everything

    expats are all about the big bikes here.  expats and some locals, though locals are mostly about buying a car to show status. which, big bikes as a main ride is slightly...

    2014-08-07 16.26.52-1

    the minty piglet

    the mintical unicorn.  a factory street racer, custom made for a country with strange, strange rules about motorbikes.  also the main protagonist of this here story. humans have a...


    hand-me-down men

    not my photo.  those guys though, on some forum later that night, talking about their conquests.  and selling some ebooks about traveling and using incredible pickup skills to get...


    Protected: more sex? tinder in resort towns

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    2014-07-29 22.22.54

    structured language learning vs. fucking around

    unrelated to anything, the local taxi stand during peak commute hours.  orange vest = taxi guy.  brilliant.  otherwise, in more annoying countries it’s just random dudes yelling “motobiiiih” every...


    shocking news: chinese girls are huge, huge whores

    we travel and explore the world, for all of its wonders and strange cultures.  things that defy our own limited understanding of humanity.  things happening every day in the...


    path of man: become a guru of .. something

    tribe = happiness  .. theory going back to the whole idea that the closer we are to our natural state, the more we are happy and healthy.  stuff and...