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    things you don’t want to hear

    even with a trust fund, things wouldn’t get any more sociable than this. — i live like a fucking hobo. there’s this glimmer of motivation, that always makes it just...


    Protected: how to become a pimp

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    2014-12-16 17.36.26

    perfect eyeballs: the book

    a week of non-stop rain.  the only one at the coffee shop, hot chocolate, wet wind whipping around, productive as fuck. — now online, a bit of a drafty version of...

    2014-11-02 17.35.19

    god damn it, man!

    places more civilized than where we are right meow .. — i’m turning into a writing addict. first eyeball book, wrote it in a day.  not so long, pretty...


    piles and piles of cash money

    pesos, bitches.  (they’re rich if you’re broke.) — a recent post freaked a couple of people out. i was talking about how i set up a fictional way of...


    location independent lifestyle blogger

    location independent lifestyle blogger-consultant-guru-artist.   — you know jakengrumpenbergen complains about everything.  it’s not my fault, though. humanity is the plague of the planet, and everything past that is...

    2014-12-02 16.43.17

    jakes got no monies

    recent tour guide and ride company, witnessing the jake-life of abject poverty. — life, outside of the corporate teet.  and outside of acting reasonably, enough of the time. that’s...

    2014-04-05 06.50.20

    the new vs the old

    randomly in my pic backups.  the map on the HK train. — i miss europe. if i had entirely too much consistently excessive cash flow, i’d sort out a...