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    business acumen

    above:  the business acumen that gets instant funding. take your eyes off the road for one second, and things be all like, planet of the apes. men.  we’re either...

    2012-12-09 15.46.42

    increase the loots: procrastinate productively

    remember times of the growly?  might be de-touring to the dusty shithole for a weekend of amusement … a quick aside:  got a couple of distraught e-mail for that last post,...


    the educated western man

    educated middle age western man archetype.  typical middle aged western white man at the coffee shop counter.  he’s morally outraged at the pricing structure.  “and a large is 85?!”...

    2014-07-16 14.52.35

    masters and subjects

    if you own a boxster and haven’t gotten a gold wrap for it yet .. whatsa matter with you?! where are you from, she asks. so it’s going to...


    days o’ thunder

    nothing is happening.  bloglet is silent.  ten days.  for once though, i actually remember to dig out the camera phone and take pictures of random trips on the road....

    2014-07-10 23.01.56

    nomad vs. traveler

    that thing, shows up nightly down the street from my place.  what is it?   busses, plane tickets, visa rules, hotel addresses, finding places to eat, making friends, meeting...

    2014-07-07 17.34.41

    life is business: overhead

    the new ride.  fuel-injected but kick start only, split personalities in keeping with jakebits. been a bit quiet this week.  migrating and taking care of stuff, also less motivated...

    2014-07-05 16.09.23

    a moving target

    two home bases.  sometimes it’s a bit of maintenance.  your girls are getting anxious to see you. you’ve been gone from the big city for almost two months, and...