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    back to the usual programming

    remember, ladyboy posts, occasionally confusing, often cringe worthy?  lots of comments for me to stop doing those.  but then .. there’s never a valid reason to stop making fun...


    girl stories: the cutter

    our brains are wired for pleasure and experiences.  the thing is part small child, and other part manipulative witch lurking in the shadows.  the small child wants pizza and...


    extremisms of dudes on the internets

    i get e-mails.  not very good about answering them, but .. for whatever reason, every week there’s something about anti-femisim, “manosphere” type of site content stuff.  i try to...

    2014-09-02 14.34.08

    tiny budgets street racing culture

    sensible on the left, otherwise on the right.  because there isn’t ever just one right way. — youth.  one word, so full of meaning and promise.  and maybe some...

    2014-10-09 08.20.54

    a world without mailboxes

    six hour bus ride across two countries, ten usd.  single window seats (one seat per side per row), with extending leg rests.  free wifi and snacks and bottled water...


    introvert paradise of cute girl things

    supermensch.  documentary bit about shep gordon, the legendary agent dude.  super personable, super insightful, super creative dude.  weakness for girl things, and money.  right there, somebody worth listening to,...

    2014-08-30 19.13.44

    travel bits – what to bring, how not to get it stolen

    previous favorite bag.   — i get asked a fair bit what i bring and how i keep my stuff safe while traveling. mostly, i don’t.  i’m probably the least...


    feminine wiles

    so there’s this girl.  average, maybe a bit above average, for the local scene.  above average in bone structure and body and pouty lips and whatnots, and below average...