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    Goldfinger (1964)


    goldfinger references, yea? we wants a henchman at jake-fort in jake-paradise?  we wants! totally been contemplating this sort of strategy for a while now.  thing is, while the economy...


    stones in glass houses

    shared experiences are the best kind sometimes. so is having little romances without excess commitment and expectations.  not the most obvious thing to find here, as explored previously.   needed,...


    the trouble with banging local girls

    a jake booty count sinks to precariously low levels with every departure from sin-city-paradise-one. it’s not for lack of opportunity.  skeesey whores abound no matter where you go.  but...

    2014-08-24 13.37.23

    the village people

    since we just talked about time travel … something to be said for how quickly time spins backwards on the road leaving the city.  true everywhere.  you might do this...


    time travel & alternate universes

    if you lived in the u.s. maybe 15 years or so ago, you remember the times of a gallon of gas for a dollar.  if you lived in europe,...


    your cock: an immigration strategy

    if you look at the history of man, in how it probably really happened (vs. some history books), most of it has been written in the two essential fluids of...

    2014-08-17 10.31.58

    size is everything

    expats are all about the big bikes here.  expats and some locals, though locals are mostly about buying a car to show status. which, big bikes as a main ride is slightly...

    2014-08-07 16.26.52-1

    the minty piglet

    the mintical unicorn.  a factory street racer, custom made for a country with strange, strange rules about motorbikes.  also the main protagonist of this here story. humans have a...