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    i’ve got 99 problems but my thyroid ain’t one

    doctors.  general practitioners, in particular.  the singing, dancing, trained monkeys of the pharmaceutical industry. you think i’m understating their abilities? it’s true.  yes, med school.  it’s a serious feat....


    frankie goes to hollywood

    don’t.  just .. don’t. — not frankie.  and not to hollywood. recently met up though with ‘Gulliver’ from ze comments, aka Mr. M.  dude man passing through, from the...


    procre … what?!

    remember this? yea.  so the girl got pregnant despite perfectly well executed pullings of the outings.  and then this happened, by which the girl took the flush-its pill without...

    2015-02-15 16.09.24

    compare yourself to others

    lest not be deceived, those aren’t actually cows.  they’re backpacker dude’s gender equalized girlfriends, out for a mid day snack. — 7am.  the coffee shop is finally open.  two hours ago,...


    the stripper driver (I)

    Limo bits, again. — The limo saga was during a time where I was in a state of ongoing brokeness.  Freelance Web design and paid online ad management were...

    2015-02-15 13.59.46

    farmers of all the things

    real work, or really not spending time in front of computers.  bloglet suffers lack of updates. more day trips, though.  living in a country with barely any cars, lots...


    fundamentals of girl things communication

    keep dodging cedo posts since the goal is to focus all writing on the limo book.  next chapter though, the stripper driver.  it’s potentially lengthy.  never quite enough big...

    2015-02-05 14.43.00

    the moment of pregnancy loom

    one-dollar coffee shop.  no pregnant girl pictures on this bloglet! — the girl was the perfect candidate.  on paper, at least. 23.  fully amazing body.  into gym, and eating...