freedom moments

looking for flights for the girl.

in a week the little boy will be in country A, girl will be in country B, jakey will be in country-who-knows-where.  there’s some chance that the girl and i will still be a little tribe when we’re 90 years old, i think sometimes.

the way she took to kitesurfing.  the worst season with the crappiest conditions.  sitting on the beach for days and weeks, waiting for wind.  then massive blower days.  gusts, huge shore breaks, big waves.  and yet she’s always the first one up and out of the house, when i’m still like, fuck, that all just doesn’t sound like fun.

the way she’s dealing with that, and with all other challenges.  like dealing with me.  never complains, tries to get it right, but also doesn’t exactly take any crap.

and now, even though she’s finally getting up and riding and loving it, she doesn’t hesitate for one second to trade the easy life for getting herself to work, to build a business, to make money.  taking the kid for a few weeks to have family take care of him, and she’ll be in a craptown she doesn’t like one bit, busting her ass.

then again, completely idle musings.

post in a month from now could be from a jake in north africa, kiting in some magic spot, dating black girl twins, baby mama having gone broke with the restaurant and married some rich burmese dude.  definitely not about expectations, anything here.

but freedom.  everything for everybody involved, a blank slate.  and what we both want, wide open.

sitting here looking at skyscanner.  flights to budapest, $360.  tall, dry humored hungarian girls.  maybe shopping for a small apartment somewhere in the city, in some hundred year old building.  friends in town to rent it out for me, or airbnb it.  take the train east, finally go see the ukraine.

btw and not related.  flight time from bankgok to mauritius, nine hours, forty-five minutes.  close to africa.  black girls, meow.

somebody tells me there’s good kitesurfing in the philippines.  combine that girl scenario with a good workout and unbeatably super fucking fun on the water.  like the big black bike.  things to transform you to have superpowers.  huge fan of those kind of products.  the other day in great wind and brand new super high end crispy white kite towards the horizon, skimming the ocean riding on a shimmery black carbon fiber board.  kite power adjusting in the most minute increments with the carbon fiber bar that feels like it’s reading your mind.  imagine flying over the surface of the ocean, away from the shore, the beach turning into a small speck, you’re effortlessly moving at real speed out into the silent blue.

humans can’t do that.  and no motors, no noises, just you, suddenly able to race across the water, a tiny pull at the bar to give you just that bit more speed.

it’s magic.  like paragliding, floating in total silence over a mountain, seeing the world below like a miniature replica from far above.  what else can you call that, besides superpowers, flying like that?  or in a totally different way, like a fast, high performance motorbike.  the noise, the power, speed, rush.

or a hugely rambling blog post.

found a kiteboard bag the other day for sale on the local sale group.  season is ending and people are desperate to get rid of all sorts of gear.  it’s the perfect bag.  fits a board, three kites, all the accessories, precisely.  imagine now you can have superpowers with you anywhere you want to explore.  keep a bookmark of the website with all the great kite spots in the world.  know that there will be amusement, decent accommodation, a wide variety of tasty food, cute girls, adventurous people, no matter which place you pick.  check the wind and season, flight ticket prices, pick one.

or europe?  is it going to be as much fun if there’s no speeding over the water as part of the daily options?

egypt, they say.  good kiting.  or spain or turkey.

i don’t think you could really do budapest, considering all that.   days get long without some magic, learned this from paragliding, and then not paragliding.  been looking for that sort of activity for over a decade, way back since the days of hang gliding lessons (which turned out entirely impractical, that mess of gear.  you’re not packing that batman superpower into a bugout bag to fly around the world).


and the girl now knows how to kite.  and soon she’ll know whether making money by the brute force effort of starting a business, is something she’s really ready to take on.  she might do that, or she might come kite.  or i might find out that hanging out with my little offsprings beats african girls and playing bearded flying poseidon of all the oceans.

or you know, motorbike across the ‘stans.  also on the list, though competing with all those other quite tempting ideas.

or just (“just”, spoiled brats) go to bangkok and shortcut straight to meow-meow.

freedom.  something something.


  1. AlmostAnonymous

    February 11, 2017 at 4:01 am

    There are worse ways to live.

    Thanks for letting us come along for the ride, however vicariously.

  2. Chris

    February 12, 2017 at 3:59 am

    I’ve been musing a biking trip across the ‘stans myself.

    Visa issues look like the biggest hassle, at least for those without Soviet block passports. Got any tips on that?

    • jakey

      February 13, 2017 at 2:10 am

      wing it. 😉

  3. Henry

    February 12, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Makes me feel guilty. I have been sitting in the US for two months with the vague idea that I should get back in shape instead of getting on a plane to Colombia or Ukraine. Inertia kicks in and just the idea of finding a place to park the car prevents me from leaving. I would probably never move if I had a kid. Well done.

    • jakey

      February 13, 2017 at 2:09 am

      feel ya. better than the way i did it, just leaving my car there and eventually realizing i won’t return, gifting it to a friend. 😀

  4. Dagnasty

    February 12, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    If you come through the Philippines, first drink is on me. Long time fan.

    • jakey

      February 13, 2017 at 2:07 am


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