Real Chick Crack

I keep seeing chick crack mentioned in Game blogs.  For those not in the know, urban dictionary to your rescue:

Astrology, palm reading, cosmos quizzes, and all that mystical bullshit that guys use to get girls saying ‘wow, that’s interesting’
it can also be stories that make them respond emotionally.

It seems like every game dude out there has his own version, his own brand, his own opinion on what chick crack really is.  Roosh, Krauser, guys with some modicum of insight, taking it all the way to the crack.  Really, dudes, do you think we’re maybe overplaying the gravitas of your discoveries?

So far all I’ve seen out there is some chick vanilla latte, occasionally with an extra shot of espresso.  That ain’t crack, fools.

Here’s crack for you:

Girls are nesters.  More even like guys, biologically, they want stuff.  Shiny stuff to make them noticed more in a group, clothes, shoes to make them cuter, trinkets for them to take back to their little nests.  Girls, stuff.  No questions, yes yes?

So if you’re slinging your ‘game’, which is basically just all talk about some this, some that, how awesome you are, your amazing astrological insights, whatever, it is, gentlemen, just as I said … talk.  And as the old adage goes, talk is cheap.  Are you a cheap motherfucker, son?

The thing here is, you might still get a number.  You might still get laid.  Don’t get all excited or confused though, you’re no dealer of the chick crack.  You bought her a latte, and she had nothing better to do.

To get into the real levels, you need to get off your lazy, all talk ass, and learn to make some actually stuff that really appeals to the girl thing.  There’s a wide range of things you can get into, I’m not going to get all comprehensive here, but start thinking along the lines of stuff girls want:

  1. Jewelry (uhhhh, big one there)
  2. Shoes (that’s when you’re talking crack for real)
  3. Clothes
  4. Art
  5. Trinkets of all kinds

Or go all out, teach girls things.

I know a couple of guys who blow glass.  They’re not geniuses, they just went to a glass blowing shop, ask to apprentice, and started putting in some hours.  They can make cool pendants, pipes (*cough*), random cute trinkets, all sorts of neat stuff.  Think about what I’m telling you here.  While you go blow around some lame astrology talk, this dude is making a custom necklace trinket thing for the girl.  It’s shiny, hence appealing to her girl sense, it creates huge value since this guy doesn’t just lay brick or makes Excel spreadsheets, and he’s a tiny minority of guys who actually do something interesting.

Glass blower guy doesn’t need to talk at all.  He shows up with some super amazing glass art around his neck, and girls open him.  There is no game theory there, no negs, no formula.  All he has to do is not fuck up.

Forget firefighters.  Design costumes, be a hero.

Another friend of mine designs clothes.  Also, yea, takes some acquisition of skill, hardware, and time to do it all.  Again though, it’s not the elusive genius that you’ll appear to be if you put in some years of here and there spare time.  You’ll always have that skill, and you’ll always be interesting and relevant.  Do you want to compete against the guy who’ll talk to a girl about coming to his studio as a model for a new dress he’s thinking about?  You got no chance and you know it.  And yet you could sign up for some cheap evening classes at the community college (incidentally full of girls) and learn something awesome, be that guy.

That’s what she’s thinking about while you’re trying to talk to her.

Another friend of mine flies tandem paragliders.  Granted, he doesn’t make a tangible thing at first glance, but he has a great camera-on-a-stick, resulting not only in a huge adrenaline rush for the girl taking a tandem flight thousands of feet off the ground, she also has pictures to put on Facebook and show all her friends.  This guy, otherwise unassuming, is the 1%.  One percent.  As in, 99% odds that you got no chance to make an impression, competing with your chick latte.

Me? I make shoes.  And I get asked about them just about every day, and if I do ever say the magic words “I might make you some”, trust me, that’s the look of crack.

Bottom line, get off the ‘game’ forums.  Don’t worry quite so much about numbers and approaches and whatever other lingo you’re being fed, sold, marketed to by guys living in their dad’s basements.  You need to make your life interesting, ideally in a sense that contributes something tangible to your target audience.

And yes, those are all pictures I’ve taken.  It’s all stuff I’m involved in.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m not as super awesome as you may have to assume.  Mostly it’s just being aware, getting out there, switching your life from consuming to creating.

There.  Wisdom has finally arrived on the Interwebz.


  1. Mark

    February 2, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Always nice reading an older post here and there. To be honest more recently it feels like you’ve gone off the deep end.

    • Red23

      February 4, 2016 at 7:42 am

      I was reading this one too recently o.O Talk about telepathy. This post and “How to Succeed Spectacularly” also.

      • Mark

        February 4, 2016 at 8:32 pm

        Yeah, that’s a great post. One of the ones I re-read on a semi-regular basis. Another classic is “how to get a 100k job”.

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